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500EGG - 500 Egg Roller Incubator & Hatching Combo Tray (Auto Tilt Turning)

660 Chicks Monthly - Incubator Combo - Auto Tilt Turning - Combo.

The new design uses the microprocessor and has a total egg capacity of 396 moving eggs (3x 132 egg trays) plus a hatching tray of 132 eggs. The total is 528 eggs.
The weekly capacity is 132 chicks
Monthly: x 4 =528 eggs or chicks,  that's on a 19 day cycle loading new eggs every Wednesday and transferring to hatching tray on Mondays. This way you never work on weekends but the capacity can be increased by constant loading after every 19 days.
We take 365 days divide by 19 =19.21 Cycles per year, divide by 12 =1,6 cycles per month, x 4 =6.4 x132 =845 Chicks per month or 2535 chicks per year!
The combo has our new airflow system; we call it domed inverted channelled airflow.  It means an updraft of air, then over the heaters and forced in the top chamber, down the side channels with fresh air and added humidity.  The humidity is also automatically controlled by pre-programmed settings, all the customer has to do is add eggs and water, and make money!

Delivery Terms:
We deliver to South Africa & Africa
Price quoted above excludes courier or postage charges.
**Once order is placed a quote for delivery will be provided.**

Price:  R 12000,00  
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