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350EGG - 350 Egg Incubator & Hatching Tray Combo (Automatic Turning)

440 Chick Monthly - Digital - Auto Turn - Combo.

The best old time favorite. First designed by ourselves in 1990 , the evolution of this machine is responsible for  PLEYSIER INCUBATORS  becoming  a household name in Africa, now available as single stage machine,  with domed, channeled airflow( not box with a fan), steel bottom trays for easy cleaning, 2 turning tilting trays holding total of 264 eggs turning every 30 to 40 minutes, one hatching tray with hatching capacity of 88 chicken eggs, weekly chicken production of 88 eggs per weekly cycle, easy to operate just set temperature, calibrate humidity against wet bulb, fill with water, the machine does the rest , transfer eggs to hatching tray 3 days before hatching and be rewarded with the best hatch possible, quail and large duck egg trays  are available optional extra , construction 18 mm 7 ply plywood resin coated and water sealed, dimensions 100 cm x 450 cm x 80 cm  weight 46 kg, stock holding  25 units ready for shipping monthly. A pleasure to own no used machines comes on the market brand loyal owners time and time again.

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We deliver to South Africa & Africa
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Price:  R 9500,00  
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