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200EGG - 200 Egg Roller Incubator & Hatching Tray Combo

350 Chicks Monthly - Incubator Combo - Roller Turning - Combo.

The perfect incubator, local design and manufactured in our own factory, well suited for exotic birds ducks parrots chickens turkeys and geese, extra roller inserts for quail optional extra. Digital thermo controller 0, 1 degree variation, Humidity control varied against wet bulb thermometer control. Domed inverted channeled airflow (not just a box with a fan if you are a beginner find out the difference on our web) 4 Roller trays holding 54 chicken eggs, turning with our unique creep crawl turning method to accommodate small and large eggs simultaneously, Hatching tray to hatch 54 eggs. Construction from 18 mm 7 ply plywood, resin coated, water sealed internally, electronic components separate from all other humidity (compare others),easily operated in basic models, Pro models with primary, secondary thermostats and cut outs available for laboratories, zoos and veterinary surgeons only, perfect repeatable results time after time.

Delivery Terms:
We deliver to South Africa & Africa
Price quoted above excludes courier or postage charges.
**Once order is placed a quote for delivery will be provided.**

Price:  R 8000,00  
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